Remodeling your home

Exterior alterations to your home necessary to accomodate additonal living space(s) or garage space, or the construction of other permanent structures (i.e. a stand-alone garage) must be reviewed and approved by the ARC prior to construction.

The addition or new structure must also meet any applicable San Ramon ordinances and Building Code requirements.

Please call 925.415.0847 or send email to:

Email address protected by JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to contact me. to arrange for delivery of your ARC Review Request form, construction drawings and/or landscaping plans to the ARC Chairperson.

Any plans submitted must show all pertinent information for full understanding of the intent of the project. Any photos or illustrations that will explain the project will also be helpful. A written explanation must be provided on the ARC Review Request form.

The ARC does not have access to architectural drawings for homes in Bollinger Hills. However, you can view basic floor plans for each model by clicking here.

After you submit your request and plans, please allow up to 30 days for the review and approval process. Large scale projects may also be subject to review and approval by the board of directors. Your neighbors may be contacted to determine impact of shared scenic views, compatibility with adjacent structures and other concerns.

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