Replacing your Roof

Acceptable roofing materials include concrete or metal tile, as well as some types of asphalt/composite shingles (see below). The roofing material and color must also fit in with the general architectural style of the neighborhood, as determined by the ARC during the approval process.

The installation of wood shakes as a replacement roofing material is no longer allowed.

All replacement roofs must have approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to beginning installation. No contractor has current or complete information on what kinds of roofs are approved or disapproved within Bollinger Hills. Do not assume that any roof existing in the development is an approved type.

Guideline for Composition (Asphalt) Shingle Types

As shown in the examples below composition materials are available in a wide variety, from premium quality high-definition shingles to inexpensive thin shingles with little definition.

Premium High Definition Shingle
Thin Shingle

In Bollinger Hills we require the installation of premium high definition shingles. Composition shingles that meet this standard include, but are not limited to, the following products:

Other composition shingle products will be considered, with approval subject to ARC evaluation of wieght, definition, type and color. A sample may be requested.

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