Who's Who


President Victor Petersen 925.963.1118
Vice President Jeff Kehr 925.451.7829
Director Williams Ejuwa 925.915.6641
Director Mike Continillo 925.519.0794
Director Matt Gluck 408.425.3873


Treasurer Terry Cunningham 925.885.8012
CC&R Enforcement Lien Wahl 925.875.9046
Architectural Committee Patrick Healy 925.415.0847 
Landscaping Susan Friedman  925.806.0643
Cabana Rental  Julie Furman 925.556.0747
Maintenance Coordinator Brttany Hopper  510.460.8940
Pool Manager  Victor Petersen  925.963.1118
Pool / Park / Tennis Keys Terry Cunningham 925.885.8012
Newsletter Editor Christine Perezalonso  
Communicatio Chair Sudhir Singh 650.489.8638
Website Editor Todd Holloway   
Recording Secretary Christine Perezalonso 925.415.0847
Bollinger Hills CERT  

Board Membership / Annual Election

Bollinger Hills elections for Board of Directors are held each year in June.  The Board consists of five members, and terms are two years.  Two seats are open in even years, and three seats in odd years.  Any homeowner in good standing can run for the Board (see Bylaws, Rules and Policy section for more election information).  To be placed on the ballot to run, you must forward a bio to the Treasurer by May 1.  For more info, you can contact the Treasurer or a Board director.

Committee positions are occasionally open, and we welcome interested homeowners to let us know if you are interested in serving the Association.

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